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"This penguin's got a plan!" ― Pip

Pip is one of the protagonists of T.O.T.S. He is the penguin teammate of Freddy at T.O.T.S.


Pip is a black and white penguin as the common ones, has light blue eyes and a golden yellow beak. He wears the T.O.T.S. uniform, this a buttoned shirt with the insignia of T.O.T.S. also with white buttons and collar of the same colors of the shirt, and navy blue details in the sleeves, accompanying a light blue cap with the insignia of T.O.T.S. When he goes to sleep, he wears pajamas and a nightcap.


When it comes to delivering babies, Pip is willing to lend a flipper. He is the one who uses a map to find the way during deliveries. He also comes up with solutions to any troubles that pop up before or during a delivery. Pip is the more logical one of team Pip and Freddy. He studies the T.O.T.S. instruction manual all the time. He also stresses out if the rules are not followed. At times, he puts his own desires before the baby. An example was when he neglected Percy the Peacock's egg because he was focused on winning the Easter Egg Hunt.


  • He has a great sense of smell, like a bloodhound.
  • In "You've Gotta Be Kitten Me," he gets easily emotional.
  • In "Back to Cool ," he has a brotherly relationship with a baby penguin named Penn.
  • Freddy Did Mention That Pip Is Older Than Him In Lend Me Your Paw
  • He tends to treat almost every baby in the TOTS nursery like his younger sibling.
    • It might be because Pip is an only child and always wants a younger sibling to play with or if he misses his family back at home.

J.P.'s Relationship

  • J.P. looks to Pip and Freddy as dummies because they are not storks, but then J.P. realizes they're a lot smarter than they appear to be and that is does not matter what color your feathers are.