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"Mia help! Mia help!" ― Mia

Mia is a cat and the adoptive daughter of Captain Beakman. She first appeared in "The Purrfect Little Helper."


Mia is a kitten with orange fur and purple eyes. She has a purple bow and collar with the T.O.T.S. symbol on it and wears a white diaper with pictures of the T.O.T.S. symbol on it with purple trims. As seen in Mia Goes to School she only wears her backpack before school.


Mia is a baby kitten that may be small, but despite that, she is strong (both physically and emotionally), brave, and is always willing to help others when they need it. She can also be very sweet, very playful, and brave.


  • In "The Purrfect Little Helper" and "Lost Lovey", she likes Freddy a lot.
  • In "Lend Me Your Paw", she looks up to Pip and Freddy and treats them like her big brothers.
  • She owns Freddy’s stuffed monkey named Mr. Muffins. She used to own a stuffed bunny named Lady Foo Foo until it ended up in Genie's crate and fell into a waterfall.
  • She tried to make friends with Linus the lion cub but his roar was so loud that it scared her she most likely ran back to her mother, Captain Beakman after this scene.
  • She is also best friends with Chloe the cow and she was saddened to see her go to her forever home until Pip and Freddy taught her that she could use the FlyPad to visit her whenever she wanted
  • In Pajama Party she missed her mom.
  • ln Mia Goes to School she goes to school for the first time and she was scared to go in the building, she was nervous to Ms. Trunklebee, in the bus she played catch with Pearl and she don’t want to go to school, Mia is not ready for school because inside was different than her home, after that she was playing with her yarn.


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