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K.C. is a koala who runs the nursery. She is also the only non-bird member who works at T.O.T.S.


She is a free spirited and caring young koala. She can handle multiple babies at the same time and knows tons of tricks to get babies to do what she wants.

KC enjoys spending "koala-ity" time with each baby, to help her understand what tricks work with each baby. In Season Two she has joined Pip and Freddy on deliveries thanks to her "It Can Fly" helicopter pack.


She is a light purple koala with a blue headband with a rainbow on it, hazel eyes, a magenta sweatshirt, a mint green skirt, and yellow earrings. She also has very light pink hair, rainbow socks, and orange sneakers and has lip-stick.


  • Her name is often misspelled as Kacey.
  • She is voiced by the singer and voice actor Megan Hilty
  • KC is an expert climber, like most koalas.
  • She almost never gets a sick day, until in "Nursery Schooling," she got a case of the koala kachoos, which is a koala cold that only koalas get.
  • She actually wears a dress, then wears a sweater on top of it and you will know that if you look really close at her zipper