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"Flamin-go!" ― Freddy

Freddy is one of the protagonists of T.O.T.S. He is the grand-hearted flamingo friend of Pip as working at T.O.T.S.


Freddy is excessfully excited about his job in T.O.T.S. and is more excited about delivering babies than other stuff. Freddy is silly, fun loving, and full of excitement. He does get confused about things easily. He can also be very encouraging and kind to others. Freddy is the more caring partner of Team Pip and Freddy. He enjoys playing with the babies and taking care of them. Because of this, he sometimes notices things other fliers miss. An example, when everyone was delivering bunnies and his and Pip's bunnies got mixed up with J.P.'s, he figured out who was who based on traits he noticed while playing with them. He and Pip are the only characters to appear in every episode, making his first appearance in "You've Gotta Be Kitten Me" and his final appearance in "TOTS: The Musical".


Freddy is a coral pink flamingo with dark yellow eyes and purple parts of the feathers of his wings. It has a golden yellow beak with the tip being black. Freddy wears the T.O.T.S. uniform, this a buttoned shirt with the insignia of T.O.T.S. also with white buttons and a collar with the same colors of the shirt, and navy blue details in the sleeves, accompanying a light blue cap with the insignia of T.O.T.S.. He wears high navy blue sneakers. When he goes to sleep, He wears pajamas and a nightcap. For Halloween he dressed up a palm tree.


  • In "Out Foxed", he is an expert at hide and seek.
  • In "Lost Lovey" he once owned a stuffed  monkey named Mr. Muffins, but he gave him away to Mia after lost lovey toy, Lady Foo Foo.
  • While majority of the deliveries done by the storks. Freddy acts as a flier while his friend Pip navigates
  • While delivering Benny the Bat, he was scared of the dark but later got over with when he held Pip and Benny’s wings.