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Ellie is a baby elephant who was first introduced in the episode Elephant in the Room


She is a lightly pink-greyish purple colored elephant with light brown eyes. She wears a yellow bow around her head with the bow being on the top. She even wears a yellow collar with the T.O.T.S. logo on it and a white diaper with cactus patterns on it and yellow trims.


She is a very playful elephant who likes to make messes by knocking stuff over with her body and powerful trunk. She loves to play with Freddy's toy called a Flingo. She learns about the importance of cleaning up in order to find the things she looses.


  • She is voiced by Amari McCoy to which she also did the voices of Kiki the Kitten, Precious the Panda, Penny the Pitbull Pup and Clarissa the Cow. She alo appeared in the episode Christmas Spirit from the tv series 9-1-1
  • She has own mom and dad that their names are unknown
  • She is just like Emmy and Elinor but she has a yellow ribbon